FertilAid for Men

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• Contains L-Carnitine, Maca, and CoQ10.
• Includes an array of antioxidants and minerals, including zinc and selenium, to support male                 reproductive health.
• Formulated to support sperm health in healthy men dealing with occasional fertility issues.
• Contains methylfolate in place of folic acid.



• Contains L-Carnitine, Maca, and CoQ10.
• Includes an array of antioxidants and minerals, including zinc and selenium, to support male       reproductive health.
• Formulated to support sperm health in healthy men dealing with occasional fertility issues.
• Contains methylfolate in place of folic acid.

391 reviews for FertilAid for Men

  1. Muhammad


  2. Adam

    I wana write this review for 2 reason, first this thing works, secondly, I am not selfish to keep this fact to myself. We started taking all the three count boost, fertilaid and mortilty boost together. Our Doctors sheer denied that these things ever works so he suggested us to go for other options like IVF. We are still in our early thirties so thought we can give it a try for three months and it actually worked. My count drastically improved from 1.1Million to 23Million. I must say it wasn’t just these meds but also prayers, Allah is a healer and our savior, He is an absolute living God who happens to listen your prayers. Be faithful, be hopeful. God bless you. This is not my review but my testimony. If my review has helped in anyway please be sure to click “Helpful” “Like” so more people can see it. Thank you!

  3. Ibrahim

    Using this supplement on top of motility boost and count boost. Have been looking at a number of men reproductive health supplement and chance upon this product from Fairhaven Health. It contain multi vitamin and antioxidants. Pricing is fair and delivery efficiency is excellent. Have to take 3 capsules per day after meal, capsule size is just right. Now onto my second bottle. Have ordered 2 more bottles from IHerb.

  4. Ali

    As a 36-year-old woman trying to conceive, I was struggling and facing a low chance of getting pregnant (5% according to a fertility doctor). My husband and I decided to try using natural products to increase our chances of conceiving, and to our surprise, we were successful after approx 4 months. We used a combination of products, including Fairhaven Health Fertilitea for Preconception, Nature’s Way Vitex Fruit, Fairhaven Health FertileCM for Women, and Fairhaven Health OvaBoost for Women. My husband used Fairhaven Health FertilAid for Men. And we both used Sunfood Gelatinized Maca Capsules and Doctor’s Best High Absorption CoQ10 with Bioperine. These products worked wonders for us, and we now have a perfect and amazingly beautiful baby. We highly recommend them to anyone struggling to conceive, but, of course, it is also relevant to consult a good doctor.

  5. Bilal

    This is very good quality supplement, premium ingredient and good size for month dosage. Very satisfied and Good for try. Great supplement so far. Can felt its benefit to the body be more energy and boost. Received order in good package with well protection. Fast delivery service too. Well done.

  6. Hamza

    Great product. Delivery speed is excellent. Really quality goods. The packaging is good. It is convenient for me to place orders here without leaving home.

  7. Umar

    Perfect Supplements is not only a company I trust, but one I truly love to work with. They’re good, honest people and transparency is at the forefront of their business. There are a ton of supplement companies out there, all promising the best product but the reality is that majority of supplements on the market are little more than overly processed placebos. Not only do I recommend products from Perfect Supplements, I use them myself and give them to my family. They are a brand I feel good about recommending.”

  8. Abdullah

    Excellent. Very good product. Good size. no taste at all. Quality ingredients, I have used it before and starting to use them again. Benefited from it, pregnant last year after using it, and now trying again for our second baby. packaging and delivery was quick. I feel good using it again.

  9. Imran

    The quality and ingredients are top notch. Packaging and size are good. There is a result. useful for Health and Immunity Use positive Dosage and Supplement and Frequency normal. result and improvement is. The taste is pleasant. When there is a lack of Sun and Deficiency and When weak Bones use it. Absorption norms recommend to everyone!!! children sometimes lack d3, and this vitamin is the same. There is a benefit. Age for Everyone

  10. Yousuf

    Very fast delivery. I’m happy with the package, all are intact. My husband is taking the FirtiAid, Count Boost and Motility Boost while I am taking the multivitamin for woman to help with pregnancy. Hopefully we will have good news soon. The size of the tablet otherwise is easy to swallow. Not too big, not too small. With the ingredients: I compared other products with Iherb products and it seems that the ingredients better than other multivitamin of other brand. Hopefully it will help all the couples that are trying to get pregnant to have many children as they wish. Right now, we can’t wait to see the result, hopefully it will work well for us.

  11. Zain

    Excellent! Quality product that I can suggest to everyone. It is very potent. Have a lot of vitamins and minerals included. It is one pill that can replace many pills. It makes FertilAid to be very convenient supplement. The ingredients seems to be pure quality and I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t recommend this product to many potential new customers who need this type of product. Definitely a good option to buy. The size is good enough for usage of one month period.

  12. Usman

    Using this supplement on top of motility boost and count boost. Have been looking at a number of men reproductive health supplement and chance upon this product from Fairhaven Health. It contain multi vitamin and antioxidants. Pricing is fair and delivery efficiency is excellent. Have to take 3 capsules per day after meal, capsule size is just right. Now onto my second bottle. Have ordered 2 more bottles from IHerb.

  13. Yahya

    good !no side effects..my husband almost finish the bottle and he seems more energized. hoping for positive result soon. if only they have more offers to give. it is quite pricey though.1 bottle finished still looking forward for positive result

  14. Sufian

    We have gotten pregnant twice on Fertilaid. Both of us take and we get pregnant after 1-2 bottles. Not sure if its coincidence but worth a try!

  15. Amir

    It’s just a multivitamin with a couple extras in the herbs. My husband took this before we got pregnant. I honestly can’t say for sure it contributed to our success because we eat pretty well. Perhaps the herbs alone would’ve be sufficient for fertility purposes. Nevertheless, I’m sure this didn’t hurt.

  16. Dawoud

    good quality, fast delivery, same size, ingredient, folic acid, energy, niacin flush, and good package, effect, potency, nervous system, metabolism and good taste as presciped.mg, immunity, stomach, antioxidant

  17. Faisal

    My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over a year now. I read about how FertilAid can assist with male fertility, so I thought why not give these a go. They are made from high quality ingredients and the size is tolerable. The only thing my husband struggles with is the dosage. Three a day is quite a lot when you have to take other pills too. It may be better to condense it into one bigger pill? Nevertheless, he will continue to use it. Baby dust to all who are trying!

  18. Asad

    Purchased late September 2021 and got a positive pregnancy test by late November 2021. Gave birth to our beautiful healthy baby mid July 2021. Definitely recommend!!

  19. Rashid

    Excellent supplement. I took the whole set “the 3”, and I feel a difference after 2nd month. I hope my wife gets pregnant soon. Please pray for me

  20. Naeem

    I think it does what it’s supposed to do and now we have a beautiful daughter. My husband took it for three months and we got pregnant the second time trying without IVF. I recommend.

  21. Younus

    or this. it was made of high qualiy ingredients. Plus the packaging and sizes were perfect. over all good quality. i love the smell and the looks of it. im looking forward to purchasing another one!

  22. Daniyal

    i read reviews and i felt positive to order this. my husband is just trying. hopefully, once I am pregnant I will make another review and share it to help others.

  23. Zahid

    I took this based on several suggestions, i don’t have any issue but i made tests already and I’ll compare th results before and after and ill let you know

  24. Aayan

    This product is really good, has all the necessary ingredients to boost the men health specially for the fertility i am taking it now for 3 months and for sure will buy it again

  25. Abbas

    Saw many good reviews on iHerb my husband decided to give this a try hope it is able to boost fertility. So far this is his second bottle. Hopefully it will help us to conceive soon

  26. Adeel

    Although I have yet to have a success, this product has certainly been helping me to increase the chance after a few tests on mine. Fingers crossed we will have a success soon.

  27. Adnan

    from 30% motility became 80%. and from 72 m became 236 super happy with this result. highly recommended. will be scheduled on IUI soon and hoping for positive result, been TTC for 5 yrs. Babydust

  28. Ahmed

    This vitamin gave me a good amount of energy. I don’t know what to say regarding its effectiveness yet. But it contains all the key ingredients/ vitamins that I need. Doesn’t taste bad. Quality of packaging and capsules are great. I can clearly see the benefits.

  29. Ahsan

    I bought this for my hubby as we were preparing to having a baby. It improved his condition in general and now we have our beautiful baby

  30. Anas

    I don’t know if they helped or a good luck but we have conceived our baby after my husband was taking them for couple of months

  31. Aqib

    Quality good age 18+ packages good benefits like hemp nice ingredient good diet nice supplements i likes concern very good taste not bad composition 100 improve like 💯

  32. Arif

    Very good quality and Perfect product and received As described …..size is perfect and good dosage with more benefits ,good taste I bought it Again

  33. Arsalan

    Great quality and size the ingredients and dosage is exactly what u need to benefit from it no taste Got pregnant while using one bottle

  34. Arshad

    Good quality and trusted ingredients and brand no bad taste i use it with my wife who takes the women pills to help aid pregnancy

  35. Aryan

    I think this product is really good quality and the size is a good size. The dosage is quite high so it’s good and that covers everything.

  36. Asim

    It seems to help with vital energy. The size of capsule is just right and it tasted like cereal, no bad odour. It does benefits me in someway.

  37. Atif

    I received the product well. Thank you for the fast and accurate delivery. I will promote a lot around cheap and high-quality products. thank you

  38. Azaan

    ordered this because ive been seeing great reviews about the product hoping it would help us to concieve soon. quality is great and the ingredient is on pack.

  39. Danish

    The quality and ingredient of this product is amazing also the size of supplement is awesome but before you eat ask your medical consultant to guide you through the dosage of it. Taste is not bad and the results and benefits are great.

  40. Ehtisham

    I bought it for my husband for the second time. no bad smell. All nutrients are from active ingredients that are easy to absorb. preparations for ivf. Quality multivitamins that are complete worth it for people with ttc.

  41. Emad

    I bought this for my husband. His test result came out really good after taking this for 2 months. The capsules’ size are big but he still can handle it.

  42. Fahad

    Good supplement for men. FertilAid I’ve bought for my husband. His doctor recommended this supplement for him. Very effective composition, easy to take, no taste. Good quality

  43. Faizan

    Easy to take, taste is tasteless. It’s full of everything you need (ingredient) to help boost fertility. Shipping was super quick. Size is great, long enough for one month. Quality of the product so far good.

  44. Farhan

    The price is amazing. I didn’t have any problem with the delivery. It arrived on time. Very recommended. Also the expire date was correct

  45. Haider

    Ohhhh, the best thing in iHerb, very healthy , i hope to help

  46. Hashir

    I add little chia seed with cornflakes or raw oats and soak with milk. They don’t have any special taste but can make you feel full.

  47. Hasan

    So here is the story which I have felt personally. my wife has chemical pregnancy and dr did not tell us any reason or it’s not possible to find the reason. After reading at multiple places I found out about this one. I had started taking fertileAid,motility booster, count all three together. I also read somewhere that when you take these medicines, you have to spend at least 30 min in sun in order to balance the hormones in you, especially 1 hour of yoga every day. I hardly had taken 1 month’s supply and my wife was pregnant again. now been many months, have a 1-month-old little angel and she is perfectly fit and fine. But again the human body is different from person to person.

  48. Haseeb

    after two months i using it i can see some effects i will keep taking this supplement to get better results together with motility boost + Countboost

  49. Haseeb

    I take it daily and gives me a good result. My wife got pregnant

  50. Hussain

    Quality and ingredient list is super good. Really like that there is really good amounts of vitamins. Size of tablets are quite okay. Package looks totally fine. There is some after taste, but it’s possible to live with it. Really easy to use it daily. With such a good amount of vitamins it is possible to get good signs after. But need to use it when there is no underlying sickness, then you’ll get good aftermath.

  51. Huzaifa

    I do use it for 1 month together with MotilityBoost from the same company. I’m happy with the results so far even though they are still preliminary.

  52. Irfan

    Super quality! The ingredients are great! There is definitely a benefit! The packaging is great! The taste is pleasant!

  53. Javed

    Unique. Good and Like the composition. Very like. The quality is super. I recommend this site to everyone.

  54. Junaid

    pricey but the quality is great, good composition of beneficial vitamins for male fertility. notice that to see the benefits you’ll need to use this for 3 months.

  55. Kashif

    Wonderful commodity, of course. Fast delivery. Super packaging. I will order more, for sure. I recommend to buy.

  56. Kamran

    Satisfactory product, top quality. I am always very satisfied.I recommend.

  57. Laraib

    Admirable quality. Good delivery, tight box, otherwise not wrinkled. Excellent price. I recommend.

  58. Maaz

    I am yet to get the full benefit of the supplement. I am currently taking it and hope to contnue doing so for the next three months. I will update after I see an improvement or it results to a pregnancy.

  59. Mohsin

    It’s only less than a month since my husband started using this so we’ll see what will happen. So far it’s okay.

  60. Nabeel

    I’m using it already for two weeks and i start feeling the different in a good way i need more time to be more sure.

  61. Nadeem

    we are just starting to use it with my husband, so far i can only say that it is easy to use, no bad smell, hopefully it will help to get pregnant

  62. Noman

    The size of the capsule are good and makes them easy to drink though we did not conceived after that but giving it more change might be necessary

  63. Owais

    My husband did not persist in consuming these pills, so we cannot review this product. But according to some reviews that I read here , it seems like they have pretty good results for some people. It’s worth a try!

  64. Rashid

    the purchase it was good as expected so far I do not have more details to add iherbs were incredibly helpful and speed up my order

  65. Rayan

    The ingredient list looks good, the quality of the capsule is nice, mdium in size, no smell or taste, but why three per day? If you don’t mind taking three per day, I recommend.

  66. Rohaan

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 vey good very good i like it so much

  67. Sajid

    Good quality, Ingredients promise, I like the size, dosage is 3 times a day so I hooe we will reach som benefits. It has no taste, I write a lot about the product in another review for fertil aid.. I jope it will pay of and that I will be able to upload it with good news..

  68. Saleem

    I like it the package and size are perfect i will order again

  69. Saqib

    Quality product. Size small easy to swallow. Dosage is thrice a day for better efficacy. Taste.

  70. Shahbaz

    I really like it very good the package is perfect Good for sensitive body

  71. Shahzaib

    very good quality, the ingredients, dosage & benefit are what my husband was looking for. size is right. no aftertaste.

  72. Shoaib

    This Men’s Multivitamin comes in a 90 capsule size bottle with a good balance of vitamin and minerals with the ingredients in the right dosage for promoting optimal male health benefits, especially for men 30-50 years of age trying to grow their family. Capsules are easy to digest and are odorless and have no taste. I have noticed that they help me sustain good energy and strength even over 45 years of age.

  73. Sohail

    I have had a varicocele on the left side since I was a teenager and a fertility test in 2017 I took showed that I wasn’t totally infertile, but on the low side more or less. After some changes in my diet (cutting out soy, adding in onions, especially with Iranian food they eat lots of raw onions on the side), wearing loose pants, exercise, and other things recommended by my licensed naturopath, I discovered this product FertilAid. With the help of all of the above, including FertilAid, in 2021 all my counts were well above normal, even though my varicocele is grade 4. As if I didn’t have one at all. The only issue was liquefaction time, which is not caused by varicocele and its cause is actually not confirmed yet, some think lack of enzymes produced by the prostate, but my urologist prescribed a mucus reduction medicine called MucoSalvan, although I am trying the natural alternative MucoStop which is available on iHerb. Anyway, this product is great and works especially when coupled with lifestyle changes.

  74. Tahir

    First time to order the 3 combination for my husband, been TTC for 8 years now.I read a lot of positive reviews hopefully this is will work for us😊

  75. Tayab

    My husband has been using this supplement, and finds it effective. Change in the energy level is seen, hope he would be getting other results too!

  76. Ubaid

    My husband use them every day in recommended dosage for two month now, wanna try for one more before doctor tests. Will update after the doctor tests. Bu he complains about feeling first 30 minutes after ingesting. Also it is manageable. There’s no taste.

  77. Umair

    Before using FertilAid & Motility Boost my motility was 20% active and my count was 44. After using one month my motility became 5% active and count 88. I am still using and will try for more 2 months. Packing & other prescribed details was okay. I’ll update again after completing three months.

  78. Abu-Bakr

    amazing product really satisfied with the purchase i highly recommend this product

  79. Abdur-Raheem

    ihave been on this product for some days, increase in energy levels and packaging is really nice seems a very decent product.

  80. Abdul-Wahab

    1st time to use these supplement. hoping for positive result. been TTC for 4yrs.

  81. FertilAid

    I actually started using this product I think it’s good

  82. Rayhan

    my husband is not a fan of vitamins but this one he likes

  83. Owais

    Good medicine. No side effects. it’s really helpful. it’s boost energy.

  84. Qasim

    This product came highly recommended and so far it has not disappointed. I would recommend to others.

  85. Moumin

    Buy this for a reason, finger cross health will get well and hope it works for my husband

  86. Mujib

    Excellent product very effective gentle on stomach with good taste and high quality

  87. Mazin

    I bought this for my friend .she said she benefit from it very well.she will definitely buy it again.

  88. Farah

    This helps boost the count for fertility and works really well. Helps with IVF

  89. Idris

    Thank you for good product quality ,fast delivery. Thanks Iherb

  90. Anwar

    Its for my husband and i think he loves it

  91. Hanan

    A good additive, excellent packaging, as well as a nice price, I recommend buying!)

  92. Zafar

    My husband says really have immediate effect after taking it. Thanks for recommendation.

  93. Rayyan

    Definitely boost the fertility. you can’t go wrong with these.

  94. Basim

    Amazing amazing Excellent Second time to tray it’s Excellent I recommended this product

  95. Imad

    Excellent additive, liked the quality, liked the price and packaging, I advise you to buy!)

  96. Habib

    I ordered it for my husband and he told me that this has all the vitamins he needed!

  97. Ashraf

    A high quality product to improve the body. The packaging is large and economical. I loved it

  98. Farook

    best produnct with ingredients for men and affordable price 90 capsules for one month

  99. Ansari

    This is a really good brand and the quality is good as well

  100. Abdul-Aziz

    My husband say he feel better after taking this for a month

  101. Abdul-Ahad

    Easy to take, no smell and fast shipping to Canada!

  102. Shakeel

    My husband is just trying this for the first month. Nothing special happened. Will update later if I am conceived successfully.

  103. Jameel

    I think its effects might vary from person to person, and it’s essential to have realistic expectations and patience.

  104. Faseeh

    good , waiting for results and will feed you back .i think it will help.

  105. ARSHAD

    The results of my husband are very good with this supplements. He takes it together with Q10

  106. Hadi

    good quality good products good smell good taste good good good

  107. Zubair

    This has great active ingredients in it for those looking to conceive.

  108. Zeeshan

    Not sure how many bottles of this we have had. Overall great!

  109. Zohaib

    Much cheaper with similar function and quality My hubby like it

  110. Zahid

    We are going through IVF and will hope it helps As my husband feels very vital and energetic

  111. Yahya

    It is for my husband so hopefully we see good results.

  112. Yasir

    After just one bootle my results improve considerably! Excellent product!

  113. Waqas

    My husband and I have been trying for the past 2 years and I was also diagnosed with PCOS last year so I researched for the best fertility supplements in the market and I’ve been taking the FertilAid for women. So I thought he should take it too. He’s been taking this for the past 4 months. The quality and ingredients of this supplement is great. The benefits are amazing!

  114. Waleed

    Been taking this daily and the pills are easy to swallow. It takes some time getting used to taking 3 pills a day with food so I try to take them all at once in the afternoon. I have not done a further analysis as of yet, but am hoping this will make a difference.

  115. Usman

    great quality product. it really works as intended. Will definitely get more soon! Thank you so much for this. it was made of high qualiy ingredients. Plus the packaging and sizes were perfect. over all good quality. i love the smell and the looks of it. im looking forward to purchasing another one!

  116. Usama

    Review is based on the ingredient list. Seems to include everything i was looking for at a reasonable price. The result can be determined after using it for at leasr 3 months and getting retested

  117. Sami

    The quality is good, nice ingredients, size is ok, dosage is also ok, awesome benefits, and great taste

  118. Saqib

    Here’s to hoping it helps with my husband’s future numbers.

  119. Abrar

    Very high quality ingredients! The dosage is a bit too much but its worth it.

  120. Uqba

    Very effective if want to conceive. This supplement helped us get our baby!

  121. Aaqil

    Good quality product and fast delivery. Recommonded to order from i herb.

  122. Aarif

    Very good product , high quality , good package Good price , size

  123. Aashir

    Only just started taking and my recent tests have shown improvements

  124. Ali

    Nice ingredient, Fast delivery, and appropriate size. I’m hope it works.

  125. Aslam

    There are so many ingredients in this complex product. Comparing with other man fertility aid products this product has the best price/value ratio.

  126. Aarif

    Nice and clean tasting, no weird taste to it. Shall see the effect soon.

  127. Abaan

    Nice product, hope to have improvement, will continue to try

  128. Ahmar

    It was delivered on time, good presented and good size. It is first time i got it so let see.

  129. Anwar

    Today I received my item good in packing look like good quality capsule size is also good

  130. Asad

    So excited for it The size it really cool And the dosage is good

  131. Ayyub

    The ingredients is good and you can just use jt instead of have to many supplements

  132. Hanif

    I am very happy with product, and I can recommend. I will buy again.

  133. Hisham

    excellent product,good and strong packaging , the quality matches the description, I will still recommend ordering to everyone!!! okay

  134. Ismail

    An excellent additive, a unique result, convenient packaging and a pleasant price.

  135. Khalil

    I don’t know if this works we are still trying

  136. Luqman

    Husband enjoys, loves the herbs. Clean energy with noticeable difference

  137. Majid

    High quality packaging, excellent brand, good ingredients, nice price, as well as the result!

  138. Mazhar

    Excellent product no bad smell. I will try it and write a final feedback.

  139. Mirza

    I really like the products of this manufacturer because of their fast effect

  140. Moazzam

    checked the ingredients and seems having what i want so give it a try package is ok

  141. Moiz

    Good product and it really works well. I’m very happy with the result.

  142. Mukarram

    Bought it for my partner and it works like magic

  143. Munir

    Only tried 1 not sure if really help, did not preg after this though

  144. Mustafa

    Good quality, dosage is 3 capsules a day which is not much. My partner is happy with it.

  145. Mutahir

    good quality. taste good. size of bills not so big

  146. Naseem

    Good use and quality big size great for you and ingredients

  147. Naveed

    Best Fertil Aid for men, just try it today and you will see the result

  148. Noman

    it’s hard to tell but I do believe it helps

  149. Nawaz

    It’s a good product and helpful I really recommend it

  150. Obaid

    My husband takes these vitamins. He claims he gets more energy from there. Not sure if it really does improve fertility or not..

  151. Qasim

    Just tried this so haven’t seen any results yet but ingredients look good and no weird taste.

  152. Rameez

    Very good quality and great price with a much acceptable taste

  153. Rehan

    Perfect for any couples wants to conceive, best ingredients I found, the dosage is good, has no taste and has too much benefits

  154. Rizwan

    Quality and ingredients are good size is not too big

  155. Saad

    good product, great quality. big size. good ingredients. enough for one month

  156. Saif

    My husband has just started taking this. Our gynae told him to take 3 a day.

  157. Sanaullah

    Vitamins take the body well. Easy to accept, They give energy . Have a beneficial effect on men’s health.

  158. Sarim

    A quality product. Good price. Excellent composition. Fully corresponds to the description and characteristics on the website. I recommend it

  159. Shafiq

    Excellent additive, liked the quality, liked the price and packaging, I advise you to buy.

  160. FertilAid

    Excellent product Packed well Very useful for the specified purpose Dosage are written clearly Delivery in excellent condition

  161. FertilAid

    It is really good product , it make me feel more energetic

  162. FertilAid

    big pills are not so easy to swallow very bad smell and very bad taste .

  163. FertilAid

    This product is showing good results for my husband which has been confirmed via lab work. Good quality ingredients no harsh chemicals.

  164. FertilAid

    Its ingredients’ quality, size, and dosage seem to be alright especially for men.

  165. FertilAid

    Very good product. My husband took around months already. The package is very nice and delivery fast.

  166. FertilAid

    I ordered the 3 set for my husband and tried it for a month and wow! We are expecting now! Due on october 2023!

  167. FertilAid

    Good quality vitamins, comfortable size to swallow Many benefits for health

  168. FertilAid

    Very useful and value for money must try this product

  169. FertilAid

    Good for men who are trying to have children. Also just great for overall health and supplementation

  170. FertilAid

    Came intact. Already seeing the results. Will recommend to anyone with same issues like mine

  171. FertilAid

    Taking it for the first time.My husband is satisfied with the quality!

  172. FertilAid

    High quality ingredients and nice blend I will re order it again

  173. FertilAid

    Great product, very fast delivery .great quality product.they are made from high quality ingredients the size is tolerable .

  174. FertilAid

    Used this during TTC, I think it helped improved my husband overall health, since his test came back all good.

  175. FertilAid

    Great vitamin complex for men. Especially suitable for the stage of planning a child. Vitamins in a good dosage and in good forms.

  176. FertilAid

    Good quality and ingredients, good size, good dosage, good taste

  177. FertilAid

    This supplement is really effective for those couples who are willing to grow their family.

  178. FertilAid

    It worked great for me. Still using it but all tests show significant improvements

  179. FertilAid

    exelent Product of The best of line heaven health. product of quality, benefit y very good size.

  180. FertilAid

    best product it really worked i would like to recommend to everyone

  181. FertilAid

    Thanks! Great supplement. I have been using it for a while now

  182. FertilAid

    this is a great quality product with good ingredients and size

  183. FertilAid

    It is a good product but you need to use it for a long time to become effective.

  184. FertilAid

    I am very happy with everything, good quality and good price. I will buy again.

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    We have been trying to conceive for almost 3 yrs. Husband started taking Fertilaid early June 2022. Will update once we are pregnant! I’ve read it may takes 3 months to see the effect.

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    6 months of use for my husband who had low motility and low count has helped us concieve.. pray for my baby to come healthy to this world 💕

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    We trying to naturally conceive for more than ten months. I found this product and I read many good reviews. My husband takes this supplement every day.

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    Great quality. No results seen yet but the husband states he feels more energized when taking. Wish the dosage was more concentrated so that it is just one tablet per serving instead of three! Smell and taste is not the greatest but hopefully it will benefit in the long-run. Taken with Countboost alternating with MotilityBoost.

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    Before my husband has used it and It is very usefull. Now I buy it for my friend and I hope that it is usefull with him. I love it

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    this is my first purchase for my husband. he said everything is ok, but a little bit smelly than men’s blend that i’ve purchased before

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    My husband kept taking them for a month, didn’t see much improvement in his morphology test, but maybe he just need to keep taking them

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    Hubby likes this range of supplements. He takes all 3, including the motility and count boost as well. It has improved his test results and we are happy with it.

  228. FertilAid

    This might be my first product review on Iherb. My wife and I were having trouble conceiving for the past 9 months, I bought this stuff a few months ago and I just saw my kid’s heartbeat for the first time today. There’s my review. If my review has helped in anyway please be sure to click “Helpful” “Like” so more people can see it. Thank you!

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    Not sure if its works.. but does give me energy

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    Did not notice much difference immediately but it could work over a long period of time so regular intake is key

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    Excellent packaging, fast delivery. I will leave a comment about the quality of the product in 3 months.

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    I gave this to my husband when we were in the process of a retrieval and he had great results, but it wasn’t too bad before, either

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    I use one capsule per week in conjunction with other product listed on iHerb. It does what it says on the label, good quality and reasonable price.

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    This product is amazing it helps a lot, please make sure to use twice a day don’t miss any of it guaranteed you will see the difference. I have seen the difference for myself. I used about 6 months.

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    High quality supplements for to-be-fathers. Comes in a handy package/size but ok portion to last for a month (dosage three tablets per day), no taste so it’s easy to take. Not sure about medical benefits, but at least we’ve got a healthy baby! In that sense highly recommend 🙂

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    Bought it for a specific purpose and it performed! Highly recommended. Great substitute for expensive drugs since it is a supplement which is usually what people may need instead of going through the stress . Good quality of the ingredients I believe. The size and amount/dosage is adequate. Great benefits. Nothing special about the taste

  272. FertilAid

    If your count fertility picture shows that you are on the verge of be infertile, give it a try and start to take this product. As suggested take a couple of them each day (up to 3). It could take a couple of months and your fertility picture might look much better. It will as well increase your drive. If you want to get your lady pregnant, give it a try it can only help and there is a similar product available as well for her.

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    Great product, higly recommend this item and this company. Price is lowest compared to other sites.i love iherb, Ive been ordering from them since 2017. shipment is ok since I live in Asia. One of the greatest thing i love about iherb is they give coupons, discounts every now and then and their shipping rates are the lowest you can find. a very generous site, and their customer service is 1000% very responsive, no wonder this company is the fastest growing company worldwide. God bless people on iherb. Thank u for the superb services.

  274. FertilAid

    used this product before for my husband. And it worked out great for us, we now have a beautiful three year old son. We waited nine years to have a child and then found out about FertilAid for men in 2017. Great product and I would recomend this to anybody!

  275. FertilAid

    I bought these along with MotilityBoost and started taking both when we first decided to have a baby. I bought supplies for just 2 months. Before the second month supplies were about to run out, my girlfriend announced to me that she was pregnant. We are expecting a baby boy in May 2021. These vitamins do a great job when needed the most. Quite expensive but worth the purpose.

  276. FertilAid

    I highly recommend this product! My husband was diagnosed with low morphology(3%) while trying for 6 months. We were told you can not do much about morphology. We did our own research, found FertilAid and gave it a shot for 3 months(minimum recommended time to see results) and after the 3rd month we were pregnant! Now 3.5 months pregnant We had him tested again and his morphology went from 3% to 18%! Well within the normal range. I recommend giving it a shot, can’t hurt. Definitely take these with a good meal. My husband would feel nauseous if he didn’t. Good luck:-)

  277. FertilAid

    It contains multivitamins and antioxidants, but did not see any effect otherwise

  278. FertilAid

    the size is good and the taste is good as well

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    I just started buying this last month for my husband. Easy to drink. Hopefully it will help us get pregnant soon.

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    the best you can get for the price but the downside isthe low and unknown amount of certain in ingredient

  281. FertilAid

    Really I don’t used I bought for my friends and I forgot to ask her about quality and benefits

  282. FertilAid

    Should have some benefits overall after a month of consumption

  283. FertilAid

    couldn’t observe effects on sperms… used multiple times.. thanks to company and iherb

  284. FertilAid

    start using it but don’t know about the results. i guess helps in loosing weight.

  285. FertilAid

    It’s too expensive and the size is too big.

  286. FertilAid

    Bought for friends but eventually it seems not working So won’t buy again

  287. FertilAid

    It is difficult to judge if the product really works or helps

  288. FertilAid

    First time trying this. Read the review and it seems quite good. Hope to see result.

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    Seems good but can’t say we’ve noticed a huge difference yet, but we’ve only been taking them for less than one month now. It is rather hard to take 3 a day too.

  290. FertilAid

    Been taking this for the past weeks and feel a bit more energetic, but yet to test whether there’s any improvement where it actually matters.

  291. FertilAid

    It is in capsules form so it is easy to drink eventhough need to eat 3 capsules. Not sure about the effectiveness yet. Been taking for 2 months will order again and hope it helps!

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    it is a good choice for one who have a weak .. it should be taken for 2 to 3 months to have the big difference

  293. FertilAid

    It’s a good product that contains multiple vitamins that are needed for fertility with good percentages. I still yet to see if it’s successful for us.

  294. FertilAid

    Bought these for OH. Also been taking them with motility boost and count boost. OH has seen a slight difference and he has only been taking them 3 weeks. Will be continuing to take them for at least 3 months.

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    I didnt see any real benefit with these tablets. Took them for a few months but nothing changed in our situation. Maybe I have to take them longer? Not sure.

  305. FertilAid

    This is like Indian Sanjeevini. I was hoping a lot with this medicine. At first when I searched for this medicine based on my friend recommendation, I saw a huge amount of positive reviews. Then I felt why shouldn’t we try. We are spending a huge amount of money on testings or scannings etc and god knows how much of it was useful. I am truly sure that this will work and hope we will our baby very soon. I am buying this for the second month. The first month supplies were started like a week ago. Blindly go for this, this is truly not harmful. Give it a chance. Thank you iherb for making this available in India.

  306. FertilAid

    I wana write this review for 2 reason, first this thing works, secondly, I am not selfish to keep this fact to myself. We started taking all the three count boost, fertilaid and mortilty boost together. Our Doctors sheer denied that these things ever works so he suggested us to go for other options like IVF. We are still in our early thirties so thought we can give it a try for three months and it actually worked. My count drastically improved from 1.1Million to 23Million. I must say it wasn’t just these meds but also prayers, Jesus is a healer and our savior, He is an absolute living God who happens to listen your prayers. Be faithful, be hopeful. God bless you. This is not my review but my testimony.

  307. FertilAid

    Packing and Caps’ quality is good, not much strong odor. I buy this together with CountBoost & MotilityBoost, and OvaBoost for my spouse. Hope it will help us to have our baby, InshaaAllah.

  308. FertilAid

    I just started using this product, once I see the results I’m gonna write and other review

  309. FertilAid

    I’m very satisfied. It’s a good product

  310. FertilAid

    No improvement on man’s fertility… but I guess there was improvement in general health cos they are still some kinds of nutrients that were intake…

  311. FertilAid

    Exactly like the picture and packaging was great about the results we need to wait one more month but every thing is good so far

  312. FertilAid

    Just started the 3rd month and there is an improvement already I got pregnant after 3 months ! WooooW 😙👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 hope you will get the same result or even better 🥺💜

  313. FertilAid

    My husband I finally conceived our baby after he started taking these pills for 2 months. We had been trying for 14 cycles overall. He had a borderline low count and motility and his numbers improved greatly after taking this. Highly recommend!

  314. FertilAid

    After taking all the 3 Fertilaid supplements, my count went from above average to lower but not by much, and all other parameters increased significantly. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

  315. FertilAid

    Great product! Fully complies with the described criteria and qualities indicated on the label!

  316. FertilAid

    ingredients are good, q10 and maca were added. good quality

  317. FertilAid

    That’s fine. Good, Useful. Achieve the goal. Keep eating. Don’t give up.

  318. FertilAid

    I have started trying it for last 10 days. No side effect. I will let you know once improved my morphology.

  319. FertilAid

    the goods are excellent, good quality, helped me a lot, I advise everyone who wants to buy

  320. FertilAid

    this drug reqy helped my husband. we are not pregnant yet but there was improvement

  321. FertilAid

    heard good reviews about this from our local hospitals. bought this to prepare for our IVF in October.

  322. FertilAid

    Saw immediate changes on blood and other test results just only after a month of using.

  323. FertilAid

    Game changer. Proud father of one and another on the way

  324. FertilAid

    still testing out, I will update my review once my husband is done

  325. FertilAid

    Bought this upon recommendation of others and is feeling hopeful!

  326. FertilAid

    This was recommended to my husband by his acupuncturist. There is no after taste and he feels like he has more energy.

  327. FertilAid

    what can i say this by far one of the best product my customers keep thanking me for this

  328. FertilAid

    Nice it should increase your vitamins I felt the benefits after two weeks.

  329. FertilAid

    Great value for money. Take 3 in the morning. Energy boost! No taste.

  330. FertilAid

    Used these and I was pregnant within 1 month of use.

  331. FertilAid

    Quality is Excellent It well backaged I didn’t check its effect till now, i used it for short time

  332. FertilAid

    Great quality supplement that also has all the benefits of a multivitamin, like antioxidants and L-Carnitine. So far so good!

  333. FertilAid

    it works for my husband.this is the third time to purchase

  334. FertilAid

    My husband took it for a month then I got pregnant 😊

  335. FertilAid

    this together with the mobility and count boost has changed my hubby’s life and our fertility journey. it works

  336. FertilAid

    My husband loves these supplements. Easy on the stomach and they contain all the necessary prenatal vitamins.

  337. FertilAid

    testing out as heard good reviews on the quality of this. hope it works well and to see benefits too!

  338. FertilAid

    Safe and effective. Dosage wise is reasonable and good taste to swallow

  339. FertilAid

    Putting my hopes in it, can’t tell yet if it helps. All I can say is that it’s easy to take.

  340. FertilAid

    i am not sure if its because of this but whey husband started drinking this after 2 months I got pregnant

  341. FertilAid

    seems good for men I hope we get pregnant from using it it has all the vitamins we may need for that.

  342. FertilAid

    Very useful and great ! Have a result just after the one jar of the capsules

  343. FertilAid

    fast delivery. first time to try. will buy again if successful

  344. FertilAid

    Top Fertility Brand. 2 months and results arrived. An honest brand with a perfect blend equals to results.

  345. FertilAid

    It’s for a friend I don’t know about the results

  346. FertilAid

    I work in a pharmacy and many of my customers are really happy with the result they got

  347. FertilAid

    Combine this with your faith in God and You will have it going on we definitely got pregnant

  348. FertilAid

    Did a test before and a few months after taking the pills.. improvement in all aspects

  349. FertilAid

    So far so good!! The result from the doctor’s consultation after taking the test is amazing!! Wish we get pregnant soon!!

  350. FertilAid

    We still trying and hopefully it will have result soon

  351. FertilAid

    Still waiting to see the results. Taking for almost a month, not pregnant yet

  352. FertilAid

    I couldn’t find it in my country and I am pleased to find it here with this affordable price

  353. FertilAid

    planning for a baby, would try it for couple of months, hope it could help

  354. FertilAid

    Not sure on the count but made the factory out of electricity

  355. FertilAid

    Still not sure if this works to my husband. Still hoping for the best to come. There’s no harm in trying. But I still believe this help us to have a child soon.

  356. FertilAid

    Some improvement seen in SA after a month of taking. We are optimistic. The only thing is it’s a lot of pills to take in a day if paired with the other products.

  357. FertilAid

    i see diffrent after taking just the first 3 plills in 2 days. very good i advice to buy it. tge is the best bills in i herb.

  358. FertilAid

    Great supplement. repeat customer here. We will order more. Transit is quiet long because of Covid 19. but its ok, packaging of iherb is super.

  359. FertilAid

    It works for us and feel miracle. We have trouble conceiving for over 2 years. We have this together with the FertilAid for women for 6 months and success!!!

  360. FertilAid

    This product has a good combination of ingredients. Have been assuming it for 1 month, no side effects. A minimum of 3 months required to see results. So, let’s check it in 2 months.

  361. FertilAid

    Still in the first month, but going well so far. Makes you a little vague however combining this product with count boost so unsure which one is causing this.

  362. FertilAid

    I haven’t used it. My husband is using it and we shall await his results. I’m very optimistic as I’ve been following users using this product and results were astonishing.

  363. FertilAid

    ‏igh quality, good package , good size

  364. FertilAid

    Didn’t see any effect at all

  365. FertilAid

    My husband didn’t really benefit from this.

  366. FertilAid

    Fertil Aid is excellent product for men’s fertility.I will recommend it who are suffering from fertility problem.Thanks iHerb

  367. FertilAid

    now I’m going to try another combo FH PRO FOR MEN was help me in drops etc

  368. FertilAid

    I’m waiting for the result, but i think it didnt work for me

  369. FertilAid

    great it’s work properly I properally use from 3 months make me change big difference

  370. FertilAid

    100% prefect 100% prefect 100% prefect 100% prefect 100% prefect 100% prefect 100% prefect 100% prefect 100% prefect 100% prefect

  371. FertilAid

    Just received the product a couple days ago, will update you after three months

  372. FertilAid

    Good for long period of time. It will see the difference

  373. FertilAid

    it’s a fertile aid but it’s also just a pack of nutritions

  374. FertilAid

    yet to see results but its been a month only of taking will come back after some time

  375. FertilAid

    Got this for my husband and I think it works well for him.

  376. FertilAid

    Well, i haven’t used it yet..but i am giving 5 stars based on..good professional packaging..swift shipment and arrival to Dubai, UAE. Now lets talk business. i order one countboost along with fertilaid after doing some research and lookaround.. most of the reviews by the customer stated that they are expecting twins.. i already have 3 children and my wife wants more…since last 3 years she has been asking for twins.. and upon reading reviews for these supplement we decieded to give it a try and conceive twins.. after all its all in the hand of GOD..but we still wanna give it a go ..kindly raise your hand if you think it can help.

  377. Idania Broonfield

    I started using this with 10% movement and 0.5 million, and after using it the results is much better, it went from 10% to 70% and from 0.5 million to 2 million after using this for 2 months, you must use this for not less than 3 months to see the results This is as updating on 1-19-2018 My number jumped to 45M and my doctor approved it for me

  378. Madame C

    the composition is good, hopefully will help

  379. Hambalam

    my husband took this and the supplement effective

  380. Lianis Piti

    Capsules is standard size and easy to eat. don’t know yet the result. Hope it helps to have our baby soon. we will probably buy some more

  381. Travis

    I believe i start feeling good while using it , I will order it again and gave myself continuous usage to declare that it is Excellent

  382. Erin S.

    I tried many things for 10 years. This year I bought this item and consumed for 6 months and I have good news, my wife is expecting my first child.

  383. Julian

    The product is firmly packed.

  384. Aadarsh

    After trying for months with no success, my husband started taking these and we conceived in the same month. We were tracking ovulation as well so I don’t want to say it was a miracle fix but it obviously didn’t hurt

  385. Nathaniel

    The product is firmly packed.

  386. Samuel

    took this for fertility for IVF to fertilize the eggs, noticed that it made me feel better overall, and also felt friskier, no problem ejaculating. 5/6 eggs were fertilized, and my levels went from below normal count and motility to normal count and motility. there is no bad taste, you just take 3 in the morning. every morning.

  387. Mateo

    After trying for months with no success, my husband started taking these and we conceived in the same month. We were tracking ovulation as well so I don’t want to say it was a miracle fix but it obviously didn’t hurt

  388. Julian

    After trying for months with no success, my husband started taking these and we conceived in the same month. We were tracking ovulation as well so I don’t want to say it was a miracle fix but it obviously didn’t hurt

  389. Zohar

    Let me start off by saying my husband and I were told that he needed looong work before we could have kids, and that this vitamin would help him maybe in a year or two conceive, WELL he started taking this every day (along with daily vitamins etc) lets just say, three months later, there I was, pregnant as all hell and his sperm count had changed SIGNIFICANTLY after taking these. Now I’m not saying they re the only reason but it wouldn’t hurt to try to help boost !

  390. Charles

    I have a daughter now

  391. Neal Sanghavi

    After trying for months with no success, my husband started taking these and we conceived in the same month. We were tracking ovulation as well so I don’t want to say it was a miracle fix but it obviously didn’t hurt

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